(+ a Podcast) About Periods

The Science of Periods

Podcast: That's Totally Normal!

Another great resource is the podcast, That's Totally Normal! which is hosted by pediatrician Tessa Commers. It offers a medically driven deep-dive into the human body and development to provide tweens with information and reduce the stigma around talking about puberty.

For info about periods, check out the episode Where is my period, and when will it be regular?

How menstruation works by Emma Bryce from TED-Ed

Three Surprising Questions About Periods from Gross Science by PBS Digital Media

The Menstrual Cycle from Nemours Kidshealth

BrainPOP video Menstrual Cycle
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The Funny Side of Getting Your Period

First Moon Party

A funny video from HelloFlo (who is, full disclosure, in the business of selling period products) about girl whose family throws her a big party when she (supposedly) gets her period.

Real Stories from Real People About Periods

Period Q&A - From Chloe Lukasiak

Muslim Women Talk About Their Periods - From As/Is

Comedians tell their first period stories - Betty collective

How does a model cope with her period? - Betty Collective

From Period Product Manufacturers

Vaginal Discharge Q&A from Always and Tampax

See more Period Diaries from BeingGirl brought to you by Always and Tampax

How to Insert a Tampon from U by Kotex

Which Tampon Sizes Do You Need? | Tampax and Girlology

Tampon size has to do with your flow, and since your flow is different every day, your tampon should be, too. Find out what tampon size works best for you and your period.​​