Period Products

The good news: period products are no longer limited to one-size-fits-all pads and tampons -- there are many new choices that have come on the market in the past few years. The bad news: the range of products and ways to access them can be confusing!

If you are a BMS student in need of period products we have solutions. No one should miss school or other activities for lack of supplies!

All About Period Products for Teens - The Weiss Life
This video has a mom and teen with an overview of a lot of options: period panties, different types of pads and tampons, and menstrual cups. Disclaimer: They have a paid product placement from  a period panty company.

How to put on a pad + Demo - Marissa Rachel

Here's how to put on a pad for the first time, with step by step instructions. Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by a period-tracking app.

Sanitary Pads

Most teens start using pads because they are so easy to get and use and some people never use anything else, so you can start and end here if that's what works for you.

The main reason to use special pads for teens is that they come in smaller sizes. But if you are the size of a smaller adult you can use any of the pads that are right for your comfort and flow. The "teen" pads sometimes cost more!

The 8 best pads to use for your first period - HelloGiggles Mar 5, 2018

Reusable pads are another way to go - Aisle has the SuperPad and other similar products

Everything You Need to Know About Tampons  - Ladies of Lavender


Some teens are not comfortable using tampons right away, although you can.  Many find it easier when they are doing sports, and especially swmming.

The two main kinds of tampons are those with applicators and those without. Most prefer to use one with an applicator to start.  There are brands for teens, but you can really use the regular ones unless you are very small. 

6 best, easy-to-use tampons for beginners - HelloGiggles

The Best Tampons - Wirecutter, April 2020

Just Jordyn Period Emergency Kit for School

Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Ruby Love

Everything you need to build an on-the-go period emergency kit plus all the goodies for an at home self care day because….periods don’t end at school

First Period Kits

You can make your own of course too! The video here shows a middle school age YouTuber demonstrating the period kit she got. Kits usually have some pad and tampons, wipes, and a carry bag plus some information and maybe some period panties.

Emily Chan tries period panties

Disclaimer: sponsored by Knixteen

Period Underwear

This is a type of product that's pretty new, so your mom or even older sister might not know much about them, but period underwear can be a great choice on its own or with other period products.  Now there are even some that are sized just for tweens and teens!

About Put a Cup In It

Kim and Amanda regularly upload videos to help you better understand and use reusables.

Menstrual Cups

This is something that might be easier for older teens to use - but you may find it helpful to know a little more about menstrual cups, in case it's something you're interested in at some point. They are very cost-effective, safe, and low-waste.

Menstrual Cups: Study Finds They're Safe To Use — And People Like Them - NPR

How to Zero Waste Your Period - Veggiekins

Profiles a range of sustainable period products.

Natural & sustainable products

15 Minute Yoga for During Your Period - SarahBethYoga

Try this basic and gentle Hatha Yoga routine to rid the cramps, PMS, and aches that come along with your monthly cycle

Period Pain

Period pain can be anywhere from a little bothersome to quite severe. Heating pads are really useful, and some types of over-the-counter pain medications may help (but check first with a parent, pharmacist, and/or doctor before taking any.) Certain types of exercise, particularly yoga, can be beneficial. Some use essential oils, and other people find eating certain foods can help. It's always good to check with a doctor if you have any questions about whether your period pain could indicate some issues or conditions that need medical attention. But for most women, it's just something that you learn to deal with, using a variety of strategies.

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Mailorder and subscription boxes

There are many companies that provide “period subscription boxeswith period supplies that arrive every month at just the right time, and some also include pampering products to make you feel a little better during your period.  One of the best known is Lola which sells organic sanitary products.

Scented Period Products

We do not recommend that teens use scented cleaning products that are marketed for use during menstruation. There are some new ones on the market that are being advertised and marketed to teens, but many doctors, in particular, do not support their use.